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The Patuxents and friends built this authentic Eastern Woodland Indian Longhouse. It has 8 layers of bark on the roof and 5 in the walls. It withstood the mighty Potomac River in full flood!

This is our annual hunt and scout. We were on Shaver's Mountain in West Virginia late October in 1996.

: My good friend and brother John Lowe getting his pack ready before headin' out.

: We had split the group to lessen the impact of our presence. Here we gathered meet at our predetermined campsite.

: Some of my Patuxent brothers (Bill Mullens, Parson, and Mike Small) have a little parley before hitting the woods to hunt.

: My buddy Dave Kidweiler.

: Scott Lowe is either lost or a poser!

: Brian, Phillip, and I fixin' vittles.

: Our last night in the woods.

: Back at the cabin, John tells a story that Mike ain't quite buying!

: John and Bill lose a shootin' match and have to jump in this snowmelt mountain stream (they didn't smell none too good anyhow)

: This is the gang after a week on the mountain. If you ever see me, ask me about the sign. I would be glad to tell you about it!

Here are some pictures of various other events.

The next images are from the Patuxent Summer Rendezvous '97.

: John Lowe enjoying the river and fixin breakfast.