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This is a picture from a newspaper article that the local paper did on my mountain cur "Red" and I. Red is my best trekkin' partner. Mountain Curs were a friend, early warning system, protector, and working partner to the 18th century Longhunter. He was often the only living thing that the hunter had to talk to. He was relied upon to find and bring to bay many types of game so that the hunter could feed his family and procure hides and furs for trade. Red has grown to be a big, muscular, and very agile hunting dog and a great friend.

Click to listen to a Celtic song called "The Fox"

These are pictures of our annual Patuxent Fall Scout. We did a hunting type scout on Little Beech Mountain in the "way backcountry" of West Virginia. We first travelled straight up the mountain from our base cabin. By "straight up" I mean we were leaning forward on our hands the biggest part of the time as we climbed. We then split forces and agreed to meet at a point on out the ridge. A couple of us got separated from the rest and spent the night away from the others. Before starting, we had picked a site on our map several miles further out the mountain for a base camp, so the separated party (Fred and I), using a compass and tracking the others, finally found the them the next morning. It rained, got cold, the sun shone, and not much legal game was sighted, we spent almost a week in the woods and had a fantastic time! If you have good partners and a good attitude, you will have a great time no matter what.

: Bill Mullens repacking gear and myself doing a minor repair after a near vertical initial climb up the mountain from the valley floor. This is a normal occurrance when trying out a different way to carry your gear or doing repairs in rough terrain.

: Bob Smith, Brian LaMaster, and Fred Skroban takin' a blow at the top.

: John Lowe, John Gilday, and Brian LaMaster with initial camp set up of just throwing out their bedrolls.

: Big rains caused a shift in some's camp setup.

: Some just got (and stayed) wet!

: Bill and his Cur dogs. A sad note is that the brindle dog on the right, Pierre, just died because of complications of Lyme disease. He was a good dog and a trusted friend and companion to Bill. He will be missed. Get those dogs innoculated!

: Fred and I coming off the mountain after almost a week. Notice that now the sun is shining!

: Ah! A good reward after a week in the wilderness!

: Everyone safe and happy and ready for a bath in the creek.

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